Babies N Things
Shower Room Rental Agreement
Babies N Things
111 East Ave E
Copperas Cove TX 76522
Building Rental Agreement
Name of Individual or Group: _____________________________________________
 Phone :___________( home) _____________(cell)
Contact Person:___________Phone :____________(home)_____________(cell)
Non-Profit Organization? ______Yes ______No
Non-Profit tax # ______________________
Military of Family member (ID card holders only): __________________________________________________
Date(s) of use:____________________________Time:__________to________
Number of expected guest:__________________________
Additional Rental Items:
Tables _______Chairs ______ Punch Fountain ______
Damage Deposit:____________ Date Received: _____________ By:_______ Ck # ________
Total Rental Fee:____________ Date Received: _____________ By _______ Ck # ________
Damage sustained: ____________________________________________________________
Cost Assessed: _______________________
Date Security Deposit Returned: ________________________________
Babies N Things
Building Rental Policy
Inspected by ________________________ Date____________________
The organization of individual(s) holding the event, and its members, agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Babies N Things, its agents, and employees from and against all loss and expense, including attorney fees, by reason of liability imposed by law upon the this establishment because of bodily injury including death at any time resulting there, or sustained by any person, or on
account of damage to property, including loss of use thereof. Babies N Things reserves the right to deny rental to any individual or group espousing violence or discrimination towards individuals, groups, race or cultures.
Signature of Agreement
I have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions for rental of the building containing the store Babies N Things. It is further understood that Babies N Things, by making its building and facilities available for use by the renting party designated by this agreement, that I am responsible for all monies on or before the date of the shower. It is also understood that Babies N Things will take repossession of the room pre-rental condition.
Signed: _______________________________________ Date: ____________
Last updated May 2011